Furniture Refinishing – Repair And Refinishing A Dining Table

A furniture refinishing company usually involves stripping down old paint or finish, sanding, applying a new coat of finish or paint, and finalizing the repair. Some objects may only need restoration of fabric covered items and all the rest may only need one or even just one. Refinishing wood items will involve treating the wood itself with a preservative and sealing it. These finishes may be either oil-based or water-based. Oil-based finishes will usually provide a better outcome than the water-based.

To get the best result from a furniture refinishing, it is important that the item is cleaned and thoroughly dried before beginning the work. In order for the coating to properly adhere to the wood, the item must also be thoroughly scrubbed down. Using a stiff brush, clean the piece using a high-pressure stream of water. It is wise to use detergents and a mild soap solution in order to avoid damaging the wood’s finish. Some people prefer rub dish soap into hard-to-reach areas in order to clean the piece without too much pressure on the brush.

The next step is to take the old stain and rub it into the furniture grain. For softer woods, this can mean working the wood using a soft cloth or polishing pads. In order to get the best possible results, it is important to avoid applying too much pressure on the wood as well. Next, apply another coat or soapy water to help clean off any previous stain and protect the finish. By doing this process over again, it will make the refinishing furniture pieces last longer.

If the piece has dents that were caused by something outside, it is necessary to fill them without stripping or sanding the wood. There are two options for filling holes without stripping, and both are effective. One method involves filling with polyurethane, while the other is simply using a filler. Either way, the hole will be filled without damage to the wood’s finish.

The final step in furniture repair and refinishing furniture is sanding down the old finish and putting on a fresh coat of color. If the old finish has been cracked, broken, chipped or damaged in some other way, this will take care of that as well. However, if the damage is not very deep, simply brushing on new varnish will suffice. This process should also be done before applying the new coat, as it allows for better coverage. When in doubt about how to proceed, always consult a professional, as they will know how to tackle a particular situation with ease.

Furniture refinishing can be a complicated process for those who do not have previous experience, but the end results will certainly be worth the effort for anyone with an eye for quality. For those with enough knowledge, but are simply pressed for time, there is the option of hiring someone to refinish the piece for you. This is usually a more affordable alternative to purchasing a new dining table, and is also less time consuming than sanding and painting. For more details on this visit

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